Since about 10th grade, I have been an avid transit enthusiast, especially for subway systems. Whenever I visit a major city, I make sure to explore its transit systems. I have a large collection of photos starting from when I came to college, which can be found on my Flickr page.

I have significantly explored the following transit systems (so far):

In particular, I am extremely familiar with the Cleveland and Chicago transit systems, having explored Cleveland extensively throughout my time at Case Western Reserve University and Chicago throughout my time living there. I have pictures of all 50 rail stations on the Cleveland RTA as well as all 145 stations on the Chicago L, all stations on the South Shore Line, and about half of the stations on Metra on my Flickr feed.

Both platforms at Lee-Van Aken
The Lee-Van Aken Station in Shaker Heights, OH
Track 2 at Jefferson Station
Jefferson Station in Philadelphia, PA
Middle of the platform at Lake Merritt
Lake Merritt Station in Oakland, CA
Termination platform at 7th Street/Metro Center
7th Street/Metro Center Station in Los Angeles, CA