Since about 10th grade, I have been an avid transit enthusiast, especially for subway systems. Whenever I visit a major city, I make sure to explore its transit systems. I have a large collection of photos starting from when I came to college, which can be found on my Flickr page.

I have significantly explored the following transit systems (so far):

In particular, I am extremely familiar with the Cleveland transit system, having explored it extensively throughout my time at Case Western Reserve University. I have pictures of all 50 rail stations on my Flickr feed, and I try to capture pictures of newly constructed stations as soon as I can.

Both platforms at Lee-Van Aken
The Lee-Van Aken Station in Shaker Heights, OH
Track 2 at Jefferson Station
Jefferson Station in Philadelphia, PA
Middle of the platform at Lake Merritt
Lake Merritt Station in Oakland, CA
Termination platform at 7th Street/Metro Center
7th Street/Metro Center Station in Los Angeles, CA